Carl Schmitt Foundation

The Carl Schmitt Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation, was established in 1996 to perpetuate the legacy of the American artist Carl Schmitt (1889-1989), and to make his achievement as an outstanding man, artist, and profound thinker on aesthetics better known.

In keeping with Schmitt’s aesthetic vision, the Carl Schmitt Foundation, while esteeming the traditions and values of the past, looks toward the future through a lively and enriching dialogue with modernity. The core of this dialogue is the relevance of truth, goodness, and beauty in the twenty-first century and beyond, as necessitated by the human spirit and manifested in the arts.

Headquartered at Schmitt’s last studio in Silvermine (Wilton), Connecticut, which has been renovated to serve as a research center and gallery, the Carl Schmitt Foundation encourages this dynamic interplay of creativity and scholarly research into what Schmitt called the “energy that is behind the arts” through lectures, symposia, papers, and this website.

A library of some two thousand volumes focusing on American art and a core collection of Schmitt’s paintings, pastels, drawings and manuscripts serve to maintain and direct this study. These manuscripts include Schmitt’s book entitled Europe and the Arts, several essays, and his Studio Notes, covering fifty years of his life and thought.

Anyone interested in Schmitt, especially students, artists, and scholars as well as art-lovers in general are encouraged to contact the Foundation and arrange a visit.

The CSF News
Published twice a year, the CSF News offers updates on the latest developments at the Foundation, essays on Schmitt's art and aesthetics, and reflections on his life and legacy.
Please contact the Foundation if you would like to recieve a copy of the latest issue, or you may download the electronic versions below.
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