by Carl Schmitt

Gertrude SewingMan is made in the image of God. Hence, the mystery of the most Holy Trinity is at the basis of the mystery of man.

Hence, man like God is triune: he is family; he is an individual person; he is society. When the human trinity is severed from the Divine Trinity it cannot long remain neutral: it will soon serve evil if it does not consciously serve God. Unless the family be specially dedicated to God the Creator, the Father, it will decay in Lust. Likewise, unless the person be specially dedicated to the Redeemer, Christ, it will degenerate in Pride. So also, if society (man collective) be perpetually dedicated to the Holy Ghost, it will seen to be dedicated to Avarice.

History, which deals primarily with collective man, shows most clearly the degeneration of society. In Europe, in the Middle Ages, society was dedicated to God. The Guild System was fundamentally just that: in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, especially in France, every organization was united through prayer with God. But in the thirteenth century one can trace the gradual and increasing secularization of such groups until, in our own day, we can see the complete decay of all collective man through secularization. Society has been “freed.” It has been emancipated from God.

As has been said, man cannot be neutral for long. He must be ultimately the slave of God or the slave of the Devil. We have finally reached the crisis of slavery once more: hence, the issue is once more “totalitarianism.” The Servile State in all countries is literally upon us. We can no longer think of “freedom” in the sense of secularism. We have reached the period of totalitarianism; of total slavery. Our choice is between the Servile State of avaricious materialism (factory civilization) and total Christianity.

We must rededicate ourselves to God.

When men gather together for any other end but God, the seeds of decay are present. Societies as well as Families and Persons must once more depend upon prayer.

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