Carl Schmitt Foundation
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No work of fine art has ever been done except though the medium of the patron.
— Hillare Belloc writing to Carl Schmitt

What CSF plans to accomplish in 2018-19

This year has been a big year for the foundation from building a new website to planning the first ever CSF event in the nation's capitol. CSF is working to put on educational and cultural events in the NYC and DC areas before the end of the year, including a mutli-speaker Catholic artists conference in Northern Virginia, a talk in Manhattan and a travelling exhibit of Carl Schmitt's work that will make it to the historic Arts Club of Washington in D.C. In 2019, the CSF plans to expand its programs to include a travelling exhibit through New England and NYC that will be accompanied by talks, symposiums, concerts and more.

We aim to reinvigorate artists and the public by sharing the  artwork, life and legacy of Carl Schmitt, and in doing so to spark a new dedication to Beauty through the Fine Arts.

Join us in our mission today!

I dream of a world magnificent
Teeming with realities:
Reality of virtue, Reality of vice
And Reality of Beauty:
God, the Devil and Beauty.
I remember and hope for such a world.
— Carl Schmitt, 1925