Inaugural Carl Schmitt Symposium 2018

Last October, The Carl Schmitt Foundation hosted a symposium and exhibition surrounding the work of Carl Schmitt and exploring the role of the artist today. It was a wonderful evening, shared by over 200 guests and led by some of the leading artists today. In the coming weeks I will be sharing video clips from the event, starting with a talk by acclaimed artist James Langley.


Langley, whose work can be found in churches and collections across the country, gave an inspiring and insightful talk covering his own development as an artist and a teacher. The artist discussed the relationship between the incarnation, the creative act and the redeeming influence of Beauty. He also shared a beautiful story of an encounter he had with Carl Schmitt and the impact the meeting had on his career.

I will be sharing more clips from the event soon, including lectures on sculpture, sacred music and the building of a cathedral!

This event was funded in part by a grant from the Connecticut Office of the Arts / Department of Economic & Community Development.

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